About the author
I am the author of the blog alcouncil.org. My name is James Dill. I was born on September 12, 1972. I have a wife, an adult son (born in 1993), two children (“engineer-physicist” and “Finance”) and a cat. 🙂

In 2014, at the age of 42, trying to fight a bunch of chronic diseases, hereditary predisposition to cancer, overweight and early aging, I became interested in healthy lifestyle. I switched to a raw food diet, refused to eat sugar, dairy products, meat, and much more. I began to drink a lot of water and actively engage in physical education.

The effect was fast and simply amazing! I lost 22 kg, noticeably younger face and figure, got rid of a number of diseases, became energetic and, quite unexpectedly, became interested in sports. If I may make this comparison, I was reborn as a Phoenix bird from the ashes!

Moreover, my worldview has changed a lot. On this wave, in June 2015, we moved from Canada to Unites States. I radically changed my occupation, learned a new language and I began to travel a lot.

I was so impressed by the positive changes that have taken place in me and in my health that I wanted to not only continue my endeavors, but also tell as many people as possible that by changing the way of life, you can improve your health, lose weight and become younger. In January 2019, I started this blog, called it alcouncil.org.

All these years, I have been writing about what happened to me on the path of healthy lifestyle, what worries me and interests me, my experience, recipes, achievements and mistakes. I write honestly, openly and positively.

Over the years of blogging, to my delight, I have interested a large number of people in a healthy lifestyle. I have made many friends and followers on the path of healthy lifestyle.

It’s great that readers comment on my articles, write letters, share their opinions on the alcouncil.org pages, and tell their stories. Thank you, dear! I really appreciate you, I am learning a lot and I am glad that we met on the path of healthy lifestyle!

Sincerely yours, James Dill