Sleep is the best way to rest and restore your body. However, there are people who work day and night shifts. Students who spend all night writing notes and preparing for couples. Parents looking after a newborn 24/7. And I would like to make a habit of healthy sleep, but it does not work. it will tell you how to keep your energy up until morning.

1. Don’t get ready for bed

In the evening, we begin to actively prepare for bed: take a bath, put on pajamas, read a book, meditate. Repeating the home ritual daily, the body understands that now you will go to bed and plunge into the realm of Morpheus. If you do not sleep at night, avoid the habits associated with rest. For example, take a contrast shower instead of a bath.

How to stay up all night if you can't sleep
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2. Eat less

Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to fall asleep on an empty stomach? Here’s a life hack – either don’t eat anything, or in small quantities. The body should feel slightly hungry. It is assumed that you still have to get food, and this requires strength and energy.

3. Wear uncomfortable clothing and shoes

In any case, do not change into pajamas or a cozy Bathrobe. Clothing should complicate the process of falling asleep. For example, wear unworn or only washed jeans, a scratchy sweater, or an uncomfortable shirt. We also recommend putting on shoes, but not in Slippers, but in sneakers or sneakers. To fall asleep in a pair with lacing is a dubious pleasure, plus the feet will not be able to relax properly.

4. Stay away from sofas and beds

From overwork and chronic lack of sleep, you can fall asleep in any position and place. But why create an additional temptation? If you work at a computer, be sure to sit at a Desk and on a hard chair. Moving to the sofa or bed is a trap that you will regret very soon… on the morning.

5. Make the light brighter

Bright light suppresses sleepiness. Turn on all lighting sources in the room: table lamp, wall sconces, chandelier. Cold light is particularly good at this task. If you work regularly at night, purchase lamps with the appropriate light for your Desk appliance.

6. Get some sleep in advance

If possible, plan to prepare for a sleepless night. For example, if you go on duty in the evening, sleep all day. This way you will have more energy to work with.

7. Drink coffee or caffeinated beverages

An effective option for suppressing drowsiness, but you can not overdo it with drinks. A few cups of strong tea or coffee will be enough for a sleepless night. Active consumption of drinks will lead to the fact that in the morning it is unlikely to fall asleep. And if you drink a little, you can easily go to the arms of Morpheus at the first opportunity.

8. Eat fast carbs and spicy foods

As a child, many people were told that eating sweets at night is harmful, otherwise you may not fall asleep. We take the life hack into service, because it has a scientific justification. Fast carbohydrates break down to simple sugars in the shortest possible time, which cause a powerful burst of energy. Stock up on your favorite candies and chocolates. As soon as you feel sleepy, immediately start eating a treat. Another option is to eat a dish with pepper. Spicy food will irritate the oral mucosa so much that you will not be able to sleep.

9. Take a cold shower or wash your face

If you feel that you are about to fall asleep, cold water will help to cheer up. Wash your face and rinse your wrists and brush your teeth with a minty toothpaste. If this is not enough, stand for a few minutes under a cool shower. The fact is that cold water is a stress for the body. And to eliminate the discomfort, he will have to cheer up Willy-nilly.

10. Drink more water and chew gum

Dehydration leads to rapid fatigue. If you want to keep your energy flowing, drink at least 1.5-2 liters of water a day. Bonus: this amount of fluid will fill your bladder very quickly. Have you ever tried to fall asleep when you want to do something small? It is unlikely that you will succeed. After a glass of water, you can chew gum. The mechanical act of pulverizing food will definitely keep you awake. At this time, the brain receives a signal that food will soon enter the stomach. And since the gum will not reach the goal, the body will not be able to relax and will wait for “receipt”.

11. Sports

Physical activity perfectly invigorates not only in the morning, but also at night. In addition, it is also useful for sedentary work. Get up every hour and do some exercise. For example, sit down, make swings with your hands, press down. Choose the exercises to your taste. The main thing is that they should be active and dynamic. After such a charge, you will definitely not want to sleep.

12. Make a game of the mind

Immerse yourself in some interesting topic, play a crossword or Sudoku, complete a puzzle or new levels in the game on your smartphone. It is important to focus as much as possible on something other than sleep. Watch movies with a twisted plot, play games with unknown rules. From time to time, you need to switch from one case to another. So you will be in multitasking mode, and sleepiness as a hand will remove. Another option is to enter into an online dispute. It will take a lot of energy to convince your opponent, which means that your brain will have to work hard.

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